Independence, Sovereignty, Secession: A Path To Sustainability

  • I view Vermont's sovereignty and political and economic independence as a means to sustainability.
  • I don't claim to understand "who is to blame" for the corruption we face from DC and Wall Street. In my view, it doesn't matter which political party is in power, because the system itself is corrupt beyond repair. I also don't buy into the "anti-socialist" or "anti-capitalist" rhetoric. I believe the US government has simply overstretched its Constitutional boundaries and has become "too big to succeed." My hope is to turn Vermont into a model of good government and a strong economy for the rest of the world, proving that "small is beautiful."
  • Given that our National political system is hopelessly corrupt and leading VT down a path of dependence and weakness, Vermont should consider all avenues toward a stronger, more independent state. And while the possibility of peaceful political secession from the United States might seem crazy or impossible, I believe there is value in simply putting the question on the political agenda.
  • At a bare minimum, Vermont needs to exert its Constitutional States’ Rights.'
  • One way or another, Vermont must stop being lead by Washington. We must lead ourselves based on our values. Washington and Wall Street have lost all moral authority over Vermont.
  • Vermont should nullify Federal laws, mandates and programs that violate the US Constitution such as NCLB.
  • Vermont needs to become a lifeboat and a shining example of what hard-working, honest and reasonable people can do when they take responsibility for their future. To do that, it is arguable that Vermont needs to become more independent of the US political system, while maintaining economic and trade relationships with the States and the world economy.