AN ENERGY OPTIMIST-The Fraud of Corporatism Explained

This is the best Max Keiser report I've ever seen. Clearly explains the root causes and real solutions to the dysfunction of the Untied States Empire. The important distinction between capitalism/free-markets and corporatism where mega corps control the government which pretends to regulate critical to understand.  

AN ENERGY OPTIMIST-Perspective from NYC Where 90,000 Elites Control 9 Million Serfs

 This is the latest wisdom in Orion Magazine by Chris Ketcham who's done lots of great journalism about Vermont's struggle for independence. 

For my daughter’s benefit, so that she might know the enemy better, know what he looks like, where he nests, and when and where to throw eggs at his head, we start the tour at Wall Street. It’s hot. August. We’re sweating like old cheese.

AN ENERGY OPTIMIST-Vermont Governor Shumlin Shows His Huevos?

I voted for Dennis Steele in 2010 for his clear position on bringing home the VT National Guard, restoring Constitutional rule of law and ending Vermont's support for the US military Empire's failed foreign policy. But today I'm glad Peter Shumlin is our Governor. He is showing us something in this speech given to a crowd of several thousand climate-change activists in Montpelier this past Saturday: he's showing us that he just might be willing to follow the lead of Vermont's people, he actually might have the "stones" to speak truth to power...

AN ENERGY OPTIMIST-Siemens Announces End To Their Nuclear Power Operations

Siemens, the German engineering and industrial titan, is planning to exit the nuclear energy business, Siemens head Peter Löscher told SPIEGEL magazine in an interview.



"The chapter is closed for us," Löscher said. "We will no longer be involved in managing the building or financing of nuclear plants."


AN ENERGY OPTIMIST-Vermont's Draft Comprehensive Energy Plan-Public Feedback OPEN

It's easy for arm-chair experts and bloggers to complain about the status-quo, and I've been guilty of quasi-informed whining myself from time to time. But after reading the draft of Vermont's first comprehensive energy plan, I am generally impressed with the work our state-government has done with this document. 

AN ENERGY OPTIMIST-How The Energy of our "Currency" Is A Ponzi-Scheme That Must Collapse

Thanks for Robin Lloyd, founder of Vermont's Peace And Justice Center and member of Vermont Commons' Editorial Board, for sharing this amazingly insightful essay from Charles Eisenstein. See the September issue of Vermont Commons for a book review on Eisenstein's work by Ron Miller. 

AN ENERGY OPTIMIST-Sounds of Caution re "Smart Meters"

We all want to be smart and we all know we need to better conserve energy. But I'm not sold on the idea that "smart meters" are going to get us there. It's especially troublesome that utility-people and regulators have sold the public on the idea that we need a "smart grid" before we can deploy lots of renewable energy. This is simply not true. A solar system on your roof does not tax the grid, in fact lots of small distributed renewable energy installations are better for the grid than large power plants.

AN ENERGY OPTIMIST-Vermont Is Inspiring More and More "Lifeboat-Builders"

This is a letter I received over the weekend from someone who's seen some of the writing/work coming out of Vermont Commons, the 2010 Vermont political campaigns, and

Hi Gaelan,

AN ENERGY OPTIMIST: Global Energy Outlook Re: Economic "Growth"


TUESDAY, JULY 05 2011 03:28:08 PM

The last six months have been a wild ride.