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Robotic ocean gliders discover new answers to why polar ice is melting

Wed, 2014-11-19 07:00
The robots have gathered new information that will help scientists determine how fast the ice is melting.

Supercomputers are helping scientists predict the future of climate change better than ever before

Mon, 2014-11-17 07:00
The latest supercomputers are enabling scientists to understand extreme weather patterns and more.

This safety light for runners never needs batteries

Thu, 2014-11-13 17:44
The jmpLite generates electricity through the motion of your body while you're running, so it will keep flashing as long as you're moving.

Clean tech is better for economic growth than fossil fuels (take that, Big Oil!)

Wed, 2014-11-12 15:37
Anti-greens often try to make economic arguments against the big spring-cleaning that our civilization is going through.

New smaller Raspberry Pi model gets even cheaper

Wed, 2014-11-12 07:00
The Model A+, little brother to Model B+, gets some upgrades and a cheaper price tag making it even more well-suited to your robotic needs.

These apps are helping take a bite out of wildlife crimes

Mon, 2014-11-10 15:37
Making wildlife trafficking illegal is one thing. Being able to identify it when you see it is another. Mobile apps are giving officials the tools they need to do so.

Solaroad opens first solar bike path

Mon, 2014-11-10 14:15
Remember Solar Roadways? They go dutch with a bike lane with built-in solar panels.

Inflatable baby incubator can save lives in refugee camps

Mon, 2014-11-10 08:13
The student invention just won the James Dyson Award for its intelligent design.

Pedal-powered recycling program allows low-income communities to turn waste into value

Wed, 2014-11-05 16:47
Along with helping neighborhoods to clean up unmanaged waste, Wecyclers also enables people in low-income communities to turn waste into value through an incentive program.

Penguin rover checks in on tagged penguins, keeps them calm

Wed, 2014-11-05 07:00
An undercover research rover monitors tagged penguins without inducing stress the way human interaction does.

Tesla's super-secret battery roadmap, Master Plan, and other goodies

Tue, 2014-11-04 16:54
Ok, maybe it's not so secret... but still cool!

Make a battery from all those leftover pumpkins

Tue, 2014-11-04 07:00
Halloween is over but you can use those pumpkins left on your porch in a cool science experiment.

White solar panels could blend in with buildings, cool them down

Mon, 2014-11-03 08:20
A Swiss company has developed the world's first white solar panels that are not only more efficient but more pleasing to the eye as well.

Automated undercounter garden promises zero-mile micro-greens and herbs

Fri, 2014-10-31 12:21
Grow fresh greens & herbs year-round in your kitchen with the dishwasher-sized Urban Cultivator, a computer-controlled micro-garden.

The Joy of Fix: Experience the true joy that comes from a fulfilling fix life

Thu, 2014-10-30 12:35
Fixing and making feels good, and everyone's doing it, so don't be shy. Experience the Joy of Fix.

Student invents low-tech bicycle-powered blood centrifuge

Wed, 2014-10-29 14:15
The fight against one of the most common nutritional blood disorders in the world may be getting an effective low-tech tool that could be used for better diagnosis in the developing world.

Teenager invents way to videochat with your pet, give it treats

Wed, 2014-10-29 06:00
The device uses a tablet or smartphone to connect you with your pet during the day, give it treats and make sure it's not tearing up the furniture.

Crowdsourced platform helps parents make informed decisions about kids' apps & games

Tue, 2014-10-28 14:03
This app allows parents to easily discover constructive media appropriate to their age, and that fits their family values.

New software could get rid of EV range anxiety by making better estimates of range

Mon, 2014-10-27 07:06
The new software takes more factors into consideration to make far more accurate estimates of how much farther you can drive before recharging.

DIY 2.0: Fountain app is like having a home & garden expert in your pocket

Fri, 2014-10-24 08:00
Quickly get connected via video chat to a home & garden expert to get help with your projects through Fountain. We've got beta invites for you to check it out yourself.